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Detail pic of the finish on “Emergence”





First finished piece from the “Out Of The Storm” series. See the next photo for a detail shot of the copper finish with patina.

Finishing process of first two pieces


So today I managed to get coatings on both of the first two pieces.  The first figure is in copper, I plan on using a blue patina over it.  The second figure is coated in bronze with a combination of green and black wax buffed over it to age the surface nicely. 
I’m leaving the sweeps of steel rods in silver to enhance the contrast and really let the reflected light carve the curved path.  
I’m using Sculpt Nouveaux coatings and patinas (, wonderful water based coatings so no fumes, in addition to traditional chemical patinas.
These will be introduced at a private, reservation only, Art Dinner Experience on Thursday Sept 20 at The Arboretum Club in Buffalo Grove, IL.

Work in progress


Hi all! I’ve been hard at work sculpting the first 2 of the actual pieces shown in the pix of the maquettes. Here you can see the figures in the raw Apoxie Sculpt clay and then with the bronze and copper finishes. I wound up working back into them using my Dremel tool to refine the surface and make the transition to the steel smoother.









6/12/12 1st blo…

6/12/12 1st blog
So in an effort to create accountability for myself with this new sculpture series I’m working on, I decided to blog about the process. Im doing preliminary drawings on my iPad using the Artrage app instead of drawing in my sketchbook. I plan on creating small, temporary maquettes with modeling clay and photographing them to better illustrate my thoughts in 3D.
It’s certainly different drawing electronically, no scratch of pen on paper, no feeling the texture of the surface as I try to create fluid lines that illustrate what I see in my head. I’m using an Adonit Flip stylus – great for a fine line and I can see the exact place of the tip.
I also wanted to document the process of creating a series of work based on my ideas and the images I see in my head when I think about pulling order out of chaos. Chaos is a recurring theme of mine, I’m fascinated by Chaos Theory and fractals. The emergence of patterns in nature that incorporate subtle differences so there is evolution in process. There may be patterns but they shift and change.
This series, “Out Of The Storm”, starts with a single figure, seemingly extruded from a whip of steel. I have these circular pieces of like 2″ thick steel x about 8″ diameter, (thanks to the girls at Eagle Metals in Arlington Heights here) that I will use as the bases. Steel rods in sweeping curves rise out of the base and I will sculpt the figures using Apoxie Sculpt to blend into the steel.
By starting with a single figure, I begin to create a visual vocabulary that gives the following pieces somewhere to evolve from. So far, I have 4 single figure pieces sketched out. Generally I figure that each series has 10 pieces. These first pieces look at the different ways that we emerge from various states – expelled, surrendering, in control and hanging on for dear life.

The modeling clay I referred to is just a small chunk that I can carry in my purse. I also have a bit of armature wire stuck into a base – all small enough to be with me. That way I can do this whenever I have a few minutes to spare.
My goal is to blog a bit every day and hopefully include pix of my 3D “doodling”


Today I’ve been doing some more drawing for pieces with multiple figures. These will illustrate relationships. I’m starting with 2 figures in space, still utilizing the sweeps of steel as the base method. With these newest ideas, I’m exploring the shape of the steel whip that the figures emerge from. Instead of a simple, fluid rod, I’m taking inspiration from the almost wing-like results of my first 2 maquettes and shaping the supporting sweeps to have 3 edges, sort of like if I had a triangle (or prism shape in extrusion) and pinched the sides in. I want to vary the size and angles so it visually feels like liquid.

Today I uploaded pix of yesterday’s work. Ran into interesting dilemma when illustrating the knee up leg. That one looks fine but delineating the leg that’s straight seems to be trickier, I want to add a bit of detail so it is clearly there.
I do like the overlap of the “wings” along the arms and legs. It creates some interesting “in & out” spaces and shadowing. I will probably emphasize the fluttering effect on the edges of the wings, it helps the viewer visualize the “cosmic winds” flowing around the piece in space.

I love the evolutionary process! The more of these maquettes I create, the more details emerge. The piece I just finished has negative spaces that really add something. This one feels like surfing the wind. I want to delineate the figure while keeping the attitude of it being sculpted out of liquid by the wind.
When I do these in steel, they will have more of a base than what you see here. There will be sweeping curves rising out of steel bases that culminate in the figures themselves. In a previous post, I showed an example of a cross section of one of the sweeps.

I welded the first 2 bases yesterday (see pix). I really like the sweeps even without connecting the surface, lots of movement.
So far I have finished the figure armature and gotten it connected to the first base. Two handfuls of epoxy clay later and it’s starting to resemble the original clay maquette.
Still not sure if I will cover the sweeping rods, I want to do something to where they are welded to the base to make it more of a growing out of the steel feel.
Ain’t evolution fun?!











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